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~empty shell inside of me, I'm not myself, I'm a replica of me~

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Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Website:Variable Star
Name: Petra
Born: 26th March 1990
Blood type: A
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 164cm
Weight: not telling yet…
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: green
Occupation: Physics student (wannabe astrophysicist)
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Pets: a bunny and a marimo
Religion: buddhist
Languages: Hungarian, English, Latin, (Italian, German, Finnish)
❤: black holes, purple, atomic physics, music, spring, strawberries, books, coffee, tea, bunnies, roses, black lace, bassists, stargazing, writing stories, concerts, geeky and nerdy things

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Interests (142):

anime, as roma, astronomy, astrophysics, atomic physics, babits, bass, bassists, battlestar galactica, black holes, black lace, bleach, bmw, bombs, books, bracelets, buddhism, bunnies, butterflies, calligraphy, candles, car racing, cd's, chocolate, chopstic, circle ii circle, classical music, cliff burton, coelho, coffee, computer science, cosmology, crafts, criminal minds, css, cut through, daniele de rossi, decorating, dir en grey, einstein, environmental studies, esa, fanfiction, ferrari, fiction, finland, football, formula 1, fragrances, francesco totti, gimp, gloves, goth, guitar, hammerfall, hardcore, harry potter, hawking, helena bonham carter, house, html, hugh jackman, international space station, italy, japan, jaxa, johnny depp, jrock, jupiter, kill bill, kimi räikkönen, knitting, knives, languages, lois lowry, making icons, manga, mathematics, metal, moon, movies, music, mythology, nasa, natalie portman, nightwish, nuclear power, ossian, paolo giordano, photo manipulating, physics, planets, power metal, prime numbers, programming, punk, purple, quentin tarantino, rabbits, radiations, reading, recycling, religion, rhapsody, rhapsody of fire, rock, rockets, roman polanski, rome, roses, scarves, science, science fiction, sonata arctica, soyuz, space exploration, space shuttle, spring, stargazing, stars, stratovarius, strawberries, sun, supernovae, symphonic metal, tea, the gazette, the lord of the rings, theoretical physics, tim burton, tolkien, travelling, tv series, umberto eco, universe, university, vampires, visual kei, web design, weird things, within temptation, writing
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